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Healthy Lawn Report

There are many things that contribute to the health of your grass. After over twenty-four years of working on grasses of Whatcom County, we have found these tips keep the healthiest lawn.


Mow at 2 inches, no shorter.


Mow often enough that you never remove more then 30% of the grass blade.


Allow the mower to mulch the grass clippings back into your lawn.


These first tree steps will keep most lawns healthy which will keep diseases away and save you money.


Aerate a minimum 2 times per season; heavily if you have thatch build up (dead areas where nothing grows, like dead areas of grass). This will allow nutrients and air to get to roots. Leaving the plugs, will give the grass a nice top dress, basically producing the effect of rototilling something without ripping everything up.


Fertilize with high quality slow release fertilizers, staying away from creating fast growing turf, but striving to have consistently green healthy turf. Fast growing grass, grass that can't be maintained with weekly mowing, will stress the Grass.


Spread lime on your lawn, this creates a better environment for healthy turf and moss doesn't like it. Never apply moss killers, they are acidic and create a better environment for moss in the long run.


Never thatch- this stresses the turf and you can fix a thatch problem with the above methods, primarily aeration.